Update log

09.08.10 Two new reviews from Tyler, Death Note 3 and Yesterday
23.01.10 waves wanly Hi! We're still here! The Eye 10 and Death Note: The Last Name uploaded
09.3.09 And a new review from Larry - Mirrors.
28.10.08 Larry Burns returns with a stonking review of the, um, rather less than stonking Death Note. Welcome back Larry!
4.10.08 We're still still here... a whole slew of reviews will be forthcoming. Mandi's review of Frog Song upped.
24.3.08 Mandi's review of Noroi: The Curse uploaded
23.3.08 I'm a Cyborg review upped - thanks Tyler.
17.2.08 Um. Hi! We're still here, some reviews cued up and ready to go. Tyler's take on Rinne is here.
9.9.07 Mandi's review of Loft is now up.
9.8.07 The Heirloom review upped.
31.7.07 Female Prisoner #701 Scorpion: Beast Stable review uploaded
27.7.07 See, it's like buses - you wait ages for one and two roll along at once. Mandi's review of thoughtful pink eiga Bitter Sweet uploaded
26.7.07 Has it really been so long? Oops. Tyler's review of 2LDK is up - a lot more to follow in quick order, you may be relieved to hear.
11.5.07 Added Tyler's review of 1960 classic Jigoku
2.4.07 There Is A Secret in My Soup / Human Pork Chop added
18.3.07 Mandi's assessment of Red Room uploaded
UPDATE 20:30 GMT. Added Noriko's Dinner Table, sequel to Suicide Circle
10.2.07 Niku Daruma review's up!
28.1.07 Bumper weekend time! The Host and Dirty Maria reviews uploaded to the site.
27.1.07 Bit of a long break, but Strange Circus (favourite!) and Cello (definitely not a favourite) now up. Next: gorefest Muzan E
18:00 GMT: Muzan E uploaded!
26.11.06 Infernal Affairs review now available. The Departed to follow soon.
14.11.06 Mandi's reviews of pinku eiga Ambiguous and K-Horror flick Ryeong now up.
14.10.06 Tyler's review of The Grudge 2 is up. You can expect Infernal Affairs and its remake, The Departed, fairly soon too.
17.9.06 Finally! Lady Snowblood: Blizzard from the Netherworld is up.
10.9.06 Pulse review uploaded - it's the US remake of Kairo.
2.9.06 Kekko Kamen and Bimil reviews uploaded
29.8.06 Bit of a slow month - sorry and all - but Tyler's review of Shinya Tsukamoto's A Snake Of June is now available.
1.8.06 Review of Toshiaki (Blue Spring, 9 Souls) Toyoda's new movie Kuchu Teien is now up.
29.7.06 Mandi's review of media satire Focus uploaded
23.7.06 Yes, that is a review of Shutter (the movie we said we'd never review) by Mandi that you see on the index page!
16.7.06 Tyler's review of Miike's Zebraman now up. Bit of a long break due to real-life issues getting in the way - expect more reviews very quickly now.
Also started the long process of changing some of the links so that links to an internal site page will not launch in a new window - yup, after nearly four years we got fed up with it too. Done the A-Z review page - individual review pages to be done next.
3.6.06 Tyler's review of Miike's Visitor Q is up
20:00 GMT: also added Tyler's Three... Extremes review.
29.5.06 Sympathy for Lady Vengeance review uploaded
7.5.06 Our new reviewer Tyler's thoughts on cyberpunk movie 964 Pinocchio is up. Welcome Tyler!
30.4.06 Alex's review of Takashi Miike's controversial Masters of Horror episode, Imprint, is now up.
23.4.06 Hooray for DOS commands rescuing dead computers! Alex's, er, "not entirely positive" review of Moon Child now up-chucked. Like so much dog vomit.
22.4.06 Alex's review of Miike's claymation zombie musical The Happiness of the Katakuris uploaded.
19.4.06 Mandi's on a bit of a roll - her review of (J-Horror Theater 1) Infection is now up.
10.4.06 Mandi's review of Rubber's Lover has been uploaded.
2.4.06 Uploaded Mandi's review of Sorum.
20.3.06 Alex's review of Takashi Miike's The Great Yokai War is up. Also added a link on the A-Z page advertising a staff reviewing vacancy.
5.3.06 Mandi's review of Ab-Normal Beauty is now up. The computer also ate our review of Moon Child, which may or may not be resurrected one day.
19.2.06 Koch's review of Korean war-horror R-Point is now up, as well as Alex Apple on Sympathy for Mr Vengeance.
29.1.06 errr... we had a big Christmas hangover, or something. Anyway, Sven's come up trumps with a review of Android of Notre Dame
5.12.05 Sven's take on Ebola Syndrome uploaded. SA Favourite!
3.12.05 Mandi's review of J-Horror Theatre release Premonition now up - Ebola Syndrome from Sven is also imminent. Also did some tweaking of FAQ page. Now, about that Final Wars review...
13.11.05 Marebito review is now up - we're trying to return to doing fewer Yakuza movies and more horror flicks (upcoming Godzilla: Final Wars notwithstanding!)
12.11.05 Mobsters' Confessions review added
23.10.05 Uploaded review of Godspeed You! Black Emperor
2.10.05 Stacy review is now here!
24.9.05 One rather long birthday hangover later, Mandi's review of A Yakuza In Love is now up.
23.8.05 It's Snowblood Apple's third birthday, so to mark the occasion we've uploaded Koch's review of Ryuhei Kitamura's Sky High.
22.8.05 New competition launched - go check it out!
9.8.05 Midori's review of Eko Eko Azarak: Wizard of Darkness is up. Snowblood Apple Favourite, people!
6.8.05 Sven's brilliant review of Tokyo X Erotica is now here.
5.8.05 Finally got Larry's review for Three up. Sorry for the delay, everyone!
29.7.05 Mandi's review of Acacia has been uploaded.
25.7.05 Review of Walter Salles's remake of Dark Water has arrived!
10.7.05 Larry's review of Hideo Nakata's Chaos is now up.
7.7.05 Updated and revised the aging FAQ page.
4.7.05 It's been a while (real life getting in the way) but a review of Toshiaki Toyoda's Poruno Suta / Pornostar is now up.
5.6.05 Mandi's review of Shinji Aoyama's Wild Life uploaded.
4.6.05 Pretty soon developed into a couple of weeks... anyway, added the review of Kiyoshi Kurosawa's early work Guard from the Underground.
22.5.05 OK, so we were reviewed out for a bit. Larry's review of Ghost System has been uploaded. Expect Guard from the Underground and Wild Life pretty soon though.
21.4.05 Larry's review of Into The Mirror uploaded. Expect to hear a lot from Larry in the coming days...
7.4.05 The Ring Two review uploaded. Bye bye bandwidth...
1.4.05 Review of Rings (a DVD extra, but a key part of the Ring cycle nonetheless) uploaded.
31.3.05 Despite All That review added. Reinstated Long Dream to the A-Z page (oops!) and did a bit of cleaning up of the code.
21.3.05 New Spring competition launched. Good luck!
10.3.05 Updated FAQ page to try to counter all the semi-spam we've been getting about Filipino horror flick Feng Shui
9.3.05 Casshern review uploaded. Another near-favourite...
5.3.05 EM-Embalming review now up. So close to being a favourite, but just not quite...
26.2.05 New reviewer Midori gives his opinion on sixties classic Onibaba. Welcome to the team Midori!
20.2.05 Guinea Pig 6: Devil Woman Doctor review now available, thanks to Sven.
16.2.05 Guinea Pig 2: Flower of Flesh and Blood, written by our new reviewer Sven, is now up. Welcome to the team, Sven!
15.2.05 Larry's The Grudge review uploaded. It's a remake of the Ju-on series, and we've put it with its peers in the J section for easy reference.
14.2.05 It's Valentine's Day, so for all you lovers out there, we've got THREE new reviews for you to snuggle up to: Chakushin Ari (One Missed Call), Onibi: The Fire Within and Ley Lines.
20:00 GMT: also added Another Lonely Hitman for those intimate moments.
29.1.05 Lovesick Dead review now uploaded
17.1.05 They're coming thick and fast now... Gozu review uploaded
15.1.05 After a bit of an extended Christmas break, we've got a new review up - Lunch Box
4.1.05 January competition begins.
12.12.04 New Raigyo review.
2.12.04 Kichiku dai enkai review uploaded.
1.12.04 New December competition launched!
23.11.04 Sabu review uploaded
20.11.04 Angel Guts: Red Dizziness review published.
13.11.04 Uploaded The Isle review
29.10.04 We thought our Ring pages were done and dusted, but nevertheless we've added a Ring DVD comparison page.
28.10.04 Tokyo 10+01 review uploaded
21.10.04 Larry's review of Temegotchi is now available.
18.10.04 Rainy Dog review uploaded. Welcome to our new reviewer Koch!
12.10.04 Nine Souls review uploaded
11.10.04 Bullet Ballet review uploaded
9.10.04 Full Metal Yakuza review uploaded
7.10.04 Naked Blood review uploaded
28.9.04 The vacancy's now been filled - thank you to whoever applied or expressed an interest
26.9.04 Tomie: Re-birth review uploaded. We've also got a vacancy for a reviewer - please read the forum
12.9.04 Samurai Monogatari review uploaded
29.8.04 Ju-on: The Grudge 2 review uploaded
16.8.04 Shinjuku Triad Society review uploaded
9.8.04 Blue Spring review uploaded
8.8.04 Tetsuo: The Iron Man review uploaded
4.8.04 Versus review uploaded
30.7.04 Oldboy review uploaded
23.7.04 Battle Heater review uploaded
10.6.04 Spring competition winners posted on the forum
25.5.04 Ju-on: The Grudge review uploaded
23.5.04 A Tale of Two Sisters review uploaded
25.4.04 Zatoichi review uploaded
5.4.04 Spring competition launched
1.04.04 Ju-on 2 (V-Cinema) review uploaded
23.3.04 Battle Royale II review uploaded
2.1.04 Mandi and Alex Apple have had a baby - updates might be patchy for a bit. Welcome to the world baby Astrid Apple!
21.10.03 Competition winners posted on the forum
19.10.03 Gawi review uploaded. New wallpapers for Audition and Kakashi - thanks Larry!